Problems & Causes

Died out, cracked engine gaskets, including valve cover, oil pan and timing cover gaskets, will allow engine oil to leak out. Loss of transmission fluid due to leakage from transmission seals and gaskets. Leakage of power steering fluid from the power steering system will cause non-smooth operation, over-heating of the system and potentially, power steering system failure.


Product Features

Multi-function Stop Leak can be blended with any engine oil, transmission fluid, or power steering fluid. It can help reduce or eliminate those minor, annoying engine oil leaks which occur when gaskets & seals dry up or crack. Due to its special additive, it can retain the transmission fluid viscosity, while adding the benefit of a seal swell to stop minor leaks and seepage. It also can help to revitalize seals and O-rings to prevent power steering fluid loss.

  • Reduce the oil consumption of piston rings and valve guides
  • Restore the hardened rubber or oil seal to its original elastic state
  • Decrease the noise from engine
  • Prevent the leak oil from old seal
  • Suitable in gasoline, diesel and turbo engines


Applications & Benefits

  • Suitable in Engine
  • Suitable in Transmission
  • Suitable in power steering reservoir
  • Helps to restore the elasticity of the hardened rubber and oil seal, and prevent the leak oil from old seal


Directions for use

Add Multi-function Stop Leak directly to engine oil, automatic transmission, or power steering reservoir.


Technical sheets:

  • Technical sheet (PDF)