German motor oil, lubricants and performance fuel additives.

We are the German-based company that is the proud owner of Zuminol motor oils, the brand that stands for Quality, Flexibility and Innovation. The German high-quality lubricants build up a very positive brand image both locally and internationally. Zuminol products are carefully developed to meet and exceed the requirements of the major automotive manufacturers and to comply with future regulations in advanced laboratories. From production to shipping and arrival at the customer’s place, the products are transported with the biggest care. Zuminol offers all types of lubricants for passenger cars, transport vehicles, as well as for agricultural and industrial purposes. These include motor oil, transmission oil (gear oils, ATF), grease, white oil, hydraulic and compressor oils, and many more such as engine coolant (anti-freeze).

Zuminol is an independent lubricants brand produced in German medium-sized enterprises. Our lubricants range stands for precision and reliability for both automotive and industrial applications and meets the latest industry standards laid down by manufacturers. You enter a trustful and sustainable business relationship by teaming up with Zuminol as technical expertise, flexibility, reliability and a sound approach are of paramount importance to our philosophy.


ISO Certified

Our products meets the specification of major OEMs & highest standards of API, MIL, European and Japanese manufacturers which clearly indicates our commitment to adhere to latest technological developments in the industry.

OE Approved

We have a comprehensive range of lubricants manufactured based on superior additives industry giants Afton, Innium, and Lubrizo.

API Tested

We also carryout third party blending and flling of reputed brands who export these products from our plant to various countries.

Lab Equipment

With over a decade of experience in manufacturing lubricants, we have acquired the expertise to offer our customers specialized consulting services, assistance in product selection and lubrication plans, as well as tailored formulas to meet specific requirements.

Additionally, we have our own laboratory, which is one of the best-equipped facilities for advanced testing and analysis of lubricants. This allows our knowledge and experience to grow exponentially within a continuously evolving market.

Approvals & Certificates