Problems & Causes

ZUMINOL Motilub Engine Oil Treatment, formulated with the organic moly and state of art technology can be used in gasoline and diesel engine, and compatible with synthetic and mineral engine oil. ZUMINOL Motilub Engine Oil Treatment with Organic Moly effectively boosts engine performance, increases torque and horsepower, improves fuel economy, extends oil change intervals and protects against engine wear caused by dry starts. It forms an extremely resilient lubricant film on metal surfaces subject to movement and friction inside the engine.


Product Features

  • A film is formed on the metal surface to prevent the engine from wearing instantly during dry start
  • Extend the mileage of oil
  • Reduce the engine operation and oil consumption problems
  • Increase torque and horsepower.


Applications & Benefits

  • Save Gas
  • Restore Performance
  • Wear Reduction
  • Strong lubricating oil film helps prevent instantaneous wear of the engine during dry start


Directions for use

Add 1 bottle to 4-6 litres of engine oil.

Can be added at any time, during or in between oil changes.

※applicable to engine only


Technical sheets:

  • Technical sheet (PDF)