With its advanced, anti-wear formulation, METAL SURFACE TREATMENT immediately adheres to the metal surface, affecting only the metal without tainting the quality of the oil. It generates a stable and incredibly durable 0.5µm protective layer on the surface of the metal. In engines, it efficiently reduces wear, increases engine horsepower and torque, and prevents carbon deposits or other harmful deposits from occurring throughout the system. It can reduce engine noise and lower the engine operating temperature, whilst reducing exhaust emissions, lowering fuel consumption, and ensuring better engine performance. In mechanical lubricating systems, it can efficiently protect metal parts, reduce instances of extreme pressure, heat and wear, and reduce oil temperature. METAL SURFACE TREATMENT is easy to use and long-lasting.

  • Suitable for all forms of gasoline and diesel engines. Add 200 ml to the engine (mix with 6L to 8L) to prevent engine wear during high-velocity operation and reduce engine noise and recover engine power.
  • Prevents the engine wear during dry starts and generally extends engine life.
  • Adding 100ml to the transmission can ensure smooth gear changing and prevent certain instances of sudden unintended acceleration.
  • Adding 200ml to hydraulic oil (mix with 10L) to prevent excessive wear related to oil pressure, prolonging hydraulic pump’s life.
  • Adding 50ml to power steering (mix with 1L) can reduce noise and prevent it from shuddering.
  • Adding 20ml to the fuel (mix with 80L of fuel) can lubricate and seal the upper part of the engine, and enhance cylinder pressure. It can also improve the effectiveness of cleaning carbon deposit on fuel injectors and the combustion chamber.