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Use it to clean automobile/motorcycle brake components, discs, drums, shoes, springs, brake clutch and starter, as well as any other areas that easily accumulate powder and oil stains.


Product Features:

ZUMINOL Brake Cleaner Spray is a powerful, quick drying, non corrosive cleaner for brake and clutch parts and other materials that must be degreased. It not only prevents brake disc dust from being absorbed by the human body but also efficiently cleans oil stains, sludge, excessive brake fluid, dirt, grease, and oil from components, leaving no residue behind.
ZUMINOL Brake Cleaner Spray effectively reduces vibrations and noise during braking.
Plastics should not be cleaned with this product.



  1. Please shake the product properly before use.
  2. Spray the product gently on the entire object from a distance of 50 cm.
  3. Attach the fine nozzle for spraying and cleaning on smaller target areas.
  4. For dirt that is difficult to clean or particularly stubborn oil stains, please use a brush or cloth to spray and wipe clean simultaneously.


Technical sheets:

  • Technical sheet (PDF)