Problems & Causes

ZUMINOL Fuel System Cleaner helps to clean deposits such as carbon deposits on injectors, carburetors, valves and combustion chambers; and can help inhibit corrosion, keep the fuel system clean to save fuel consumption and restore engine performance.


Product Features

ZUMINOL Fuel System Additive Cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent that helps to:

  • Fight against harmful fuel deposits
  • Remove water from fuel systems
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Increase fuel octane rating
  • Enhance engine performance
  • Boost horsepower
  • Reduce fuel emissions
  • Minimize engine vibration
  • Clean carbon deposits on injectors
  • Clean the oil circuit system and soften carbon deposits


Applications & Benefits

  • Save Gas
  • Remove Deposits
  • Inhibit Corrosion
  • Clean the soften carbon deposits in fuel system


Directions for use

Add 1 bottle to 60-80 liters of fuel.

※applicable to fuel tank only.


Technical sheets:

  • Technical sheet (PDF)